Win dinner with Elizabeth May or a Via Rail gift card!

Win dinner with Elizabeth May or a Via Rail gift card!

Phone canvassing has been going very well so far. I want to give a big thanks to all of the volunteers who have been making calls! But with only 24 days to go until election day, we are launching an exciting phone canvassing contest to make sure we identify all of our supporters in these important by-election campaigns. Now you can help elect more Green MPs and win incredible prizes!

Phone canvassing is one of the most important ways that you can help us to elect another Green MP. It is very easy, you can do it from home and you won’t be charged long distance.

You’ll be making a real difference in the outcome of these important by-elections!

We have great prizes lined up for the two individuals and the two EDAs that make the most phone calls between November 5th and November 25th. Here are the exciting prizes:

Individual Prizes
First Prize: Dinner with Elizabeth May the next time she is near your home or you can come to Ottawa for dinner in the Parliamentary dining room.

Second Prize: $250 Via Rail gift card.

EDA Prizes
First prize: Elizabeth May will come to an event in your riding.

Second prize: A new website for your EDA (valued at over $1000).

You can sign-up for the contest here: Existing phone canvassing volunteers will automatically be entered into the contest.

All of the contest details can be found at and you can email [email protected]

Katie Gibbs
National Phone Canvass Coordinator