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Sidney Office hours: Everyday: 10am – 5pm
9775 2nd Street, Sidney BC 778.351.3335

Why vote Green

Not Left. Not Right.

Forward Together.

  • Greens believe that we can all work together to build a better world for our grandchildren.
  • We know that our civilization faces unprecedented challenges from climate change, automation and out of control income disparity.
  • We see our democratic institutions as the key to ensuring these challenges are addressed for the benefit of the people and not corporate interests
  • Greens seek to rebuild public trust in government by offering an authentic alternative to bait and switch power politics.

Why Green? Because Canadians are hungry for a new way of doing politics.

In Canada we’ve watched as our political process has become less and less capable of building a better future, and more and more focused on just winning the next election. 

With total focus on winning majorities, politics becomes a numbers game. Representing voters becomes less important than maximizing seats.

We’ve seen over and over again, how governments prioritize corporate interest, while saddling small businesses with impossible regulatory burden. How increasingly it’s money that talks, and in the end, it’s communities, future generations, and the living planet who suffer.

Life in Canada is getting harder to afford while dependable, meaningful, well-paid work is getting harder to find; many Canadians are working two or more jobs just to get by. Meanwhile our governments spend billions on outdated oil infrastructure, fight Indigenous communities in court, and fire MPs of integrity because they dared to put country before party. Are we really okay with this?


Every party has good, honorable MPs trying to do their best. But the truth is—and it’s become very plain to see—old-style politics are unfit to tackle the new challenges facing Canadians today.

Why Green? Because Greens do government differently.

We see the future of government in Canada as collaborative, transparent and fair for all Canadians. Elected Greens everywhere are already changing the game by demonstrating what earnest collaboration, authenticity and honesty look like in politics. Integrity matters. Without it, there’s no trust.

Our future needs forward thinking leaders who are free to represent their constituents in government. MPs in the establishment parties are expected to vote the party line (a practice known as ‘whipping votes’), even if it goes against what their constituents want.  Plain and simple: Greens don’t whip the vote.

Why Now? Because it’s time for real climate action.

Imagine a world in which young people question whether the earth will still be livable when they grow up? Sadly, we don’t have to imagine it; we’re living in that world now.

Climate change is a special kind of problem because it affects everything else we do. And if we don’t take action to solve it, every other aspect of our lives—jobs, healthcare, the economy, civilization—will suffer.

The good news is that solutions are already within our grasp. But, it will take serious political courage to act.

Mission: possible is our courageous climate plan— credible in concept, epic in scope — to light the path to a new economy fit for purpose—one that values people, small business and planet ahead of corporate profit. Together we can act to reverse climate change while improving the lives of all Canadians. Together we will solve this!

Why Now? Because it’s 2019.

Canadians have a big choice to make. 

Are we prepared to accept the consequences, yet again, of another bait and switch election, where one of the other parties wins a majority by talking a good game, only to break one promise after the next? Aren’t we tired of this yet? Greens are here to offer Canada something better.

In October 2019 Canadians have a chance to rescue our democracy from this tired old power game and from these cynical and manipulative tactics. 

Voters are beginning to realize that Greens are the change everyone is waiting for! Across the country more and more citizens are realizing that winning real change comes not from voting someone out, but by voting for what our hearts know is possible.


This is our home, this is our future.

Let’s grab this chance and make it real!


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