Sidney Office hours: Everyday: 10am – 5pm
9775 2nd Street, Sidney BC 778.351.3335
Sidney Office hours: Everyday: 10am – 5pm
9775 2nd Street, Sidney BC 778.351.3335

Volunteering Opportunities

Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up!

Volunteering on Elizabeth’s campaigns is fun, rewarding and impactful!

Read on to learn how…

Make a difference

Volunteer on Elizabeth's team

Why volunteer for Elizabeth's campaign

Our common goal is to re-elect Elizabeth May, and the diversity of reasons why we choose to get involved make for truly a rewarding experience.

Volunteers are the life of our campaign. The collective knowledge and experience each member of the team brings is welcomed and appreciated. It is these backgrounds that allow us to relate to others, learn what is important to them, find common ground and encourage them to learn more about Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada.

There are personal benefits to becoming a volunteer.

Some examples we have heard include:

  • Work with like-minded people. The campaign has a way of bringing people together, highlighting commonalities in a broad range of individuals.
  • Make a real difference: Be the change you want to see in the world! Join a country-wide community of concerned citizens who know how to have a good time while changing the world!
  • Get positive health benefits by volunteering. Studies have shown that volunteering improves mental health by reducing loneliness and depression and improves physical health by lowering blood pressure. (Psychology and Aging, June 2013)
  • Learn new skills. Greens come from all ages and all walks of life. We learn from one another and offer support along the way.
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment. Participating in democracy by way of volunteering is a great way to help shape the future!
  • Make new friends. There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet!
  • Add volunteer experience to your resume. A well rounded resume increases your chance of advancement.
  • Action is the antidote to Eco Anxiety. This is something that can be hard to talk about, but in the face of climate crisis, eco anxiety is a harsh reality for a lot of people. Joining a movement to win big change might be the best choice you ever made.

This is an 'all-hands-on-deck' moment!

Together we can help Elizabeth win big change for Canada.

Great ways to get involved

There are so many ways you can be involved with the campaign to re-elect Elizabeth May. From one hour a month to two hours a day (or more), volunteers find a schedule that fits their availability and lifestyle.  Every bit helps, seriously.
Interested in volunteering but not sure where to start?

A great place to begin is attend a campaign meet-up. These events take place every Friday evening and are a wonderful way to connect with other volunteers, to discover the different ways you can contribute. It might even surprise you! 

Volunteer opportunities:

Just some ideas of how you can help, but the possibilities are endless!
Foot Canvassing
Phone Calling Team
Lawn Sign Teams
Green Media Group
Admin & Guest Reception
Get Creative
Help get more greens elected!

Foot Canvassing:

Our primary objective is to serve and listen to our community.

Canvassing is a great way to find out what is on the minds of the people who live in our riding. If you love talking with people and listening to their stories, you will love canvassing with us. We meet regularly for potlucks to share those stories and draw our inspiration from the hearts and minds we’ve touched.

This is one of the most important and rewarding ways to participate.

Phone Calling Team:

If you have a cheery phone voice, love talking with people, this team is for you!

Connecting with people on a personal level is among the most impactful volunteer activity there is. Invite folks to events, follow up on a lawn sign request, thank our generous donors. Closer to election day we’ll call folks who need a reminder to vote.

*Phone calling is a great way that local volunteers can have a positive impact on other campaigns across the county—and help our fellow Greens achieve success.

Lawn Sign Teams:

During an election campaign, lawn signs are a critical part of demonstrating momentum and support for our candidate, and we are rapidly receiving requests for lawn signs! When the election is officially called, this team will deploy and deliver lawn signs across the district. 

If you have a personal vehicle and/or are comfortable picking up, delivering and maintaining signs, this team might be for you!

Green Media Group:

Greens are always looking for innovate ways to share our stories and earn media attention. Our Green Media Group enjoys good food and thoughtful conversations at working potluck meetings.

If you would like to be at the leading edge of public engagement, if you’re comfortable using social media, enjoy video or digital image creation, are a letter writer, or follow mainstream media news stories regularly, this team is for you!

Admin & Guest Reception:

The campaign offices in Sidney & on Salt Spring Island are hubs of activity with volunteers and passers-by, events, and strategic planning!  We are looking for organized individuals who have a friendly smile and possibly customer service experience to welcome folks and help them find the information they are looking for. 

If you have an interest in being one of those friendly faces, please let us know! 

Get Creative:

What are your strengths, what is your passion? What unique gifts would you love to contribute?

An important purpose of political parties is to help increase participation in the democratic process. This is all about participatory democracy (one of the 6 Global Green Principles).

If you’ve got an idea you want to bring to life, sign up to volunteer and let us know. We can help you find others who might want to help.

Here are ways you can help get more Greens elected:

  • Attend a phone bank (phone calling party) at one of our campaign offices and make calls across Canada to help other campaigns go Green!
  • Host a local phone bank so fellow volunteers can get together and make calls
  • Attend a local phone bank (we’ll help connect you with other volunteers)
  • Travel to a neighbouring district to go door knocking for their candidate

Let us know you’re interested in this and we’ll help get you set up!

We appreciate your interest in becoming part of the team, and we look forward to working together to accomplish our common goal! 
Take a stand for the future you believe in
Volunteer today and help Elizabeth win big change!