Good Sunday Morning October 6

Good Sunday Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

For all the colonial background of this holiday, it is always good to count blessings. It is easy to feel resentful of those with more – more power, more money, more success- until you consider the several billion people less fortunate. I have always loved Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh:
“Do you really want to be happy? You can begin by being appreciative of who you are and what you’ve got.”

This Thanksgiving I have the joy of time with family. Deep gratitude. And I am grateful for the Green Party family. I am so grateful for the hard work Greens do for a better world. Thank you to members, supporters and amazing volunteers. Please remind everyone to join by October 19 to vote!

Go to our websites to sign up. Btw, leadership candidates are not given the emails of members. We won’t have your email unless you sign up! Go to and More than ever, I see that Jonathan and my joint leadership is desperately needed.

Why we do this is obvious. Every single day brings more reports of climate casualties. While the East Coast still deals with Fiona and 30 million Pakistanis are flooded out of their homes, the BC drought is terrifying. People in my riding are extremely aware of the fire risk. It was the news from Bella Bella of dead salmon clogging the nearly dry riverbeds that brought me to tears.

This week I have been working hard in parliament on the climate crisis.  This is likely the toughest climate question ever: Elizabeth May: UN Sec. General says leaders are lying about climate. Does he mean Canada’s leaders? – YouTube

We cannot ignore other key issues. In this speech I lay out the threat to public health care and emphasize Green solutions to the housing crisis, highlighting Mike Morrice’s work: Elizabeth May: Bill C-31 does not address the cause of skyrocketing housing costs – YouTube

I had to delay a planned return to BC when the government scheduled the Canadian Environmental Protection Act updates in S-5 to Friday.  This bill is a priority, as is getting my own bill C-226 confronting environmental racism passed into law.  
Elizabeth May: A right to a healthy environment must be enforceable – YouTube
Elizabeth May: Will the government create an enforceable right to a healthy environment? – YouTube

If you are not subscribing to our Parliamentary Week in Review, please do. You can always catch up with Mike and my parliamentary work here:

To everyone living on the Saanich Peninsula, please come to a non-partisan Community Meeting, Thursday, October 13, 6:30-8 pm at Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre.   We will have meetings on the Gulf Islands and more locations on the peninsula, trying to move back to pre-COVID schedule.

For now, thanks for all your support. We do need donations for the leadership run. Please give if you can!

Love and Thanksgiving blessings,