Election Day – A Message from Elizabeth

This election has revolved around false attacks, fake anger and abuse of democracy.  The government fell on a confidence vote due to contempt.  The Prime Minister responded that he needed a majority in order to avoid a phantom coalition.

The national TV executives and the other party leaders decided that it would be fine to exclude the Green Party from the national leaders’ debate, and while they were at it, not tell Canadians about our platform.

Tomorrow, May 2, is when you get to express what you think about the state of democracy in Canada.  If you are sick and tired of negative spin and cynical appeals to fear, then vote Green.

Greens have the most positive vision of any party.  We are fiscally responsible – paying down the deficit faster than the 2011 proposed budget.  We are socially progressive – with improved health care, Pharmacare, pensions, youth employment, early childhood education and childcare spaces, treating our veterans fairly. We advocate a long term vision — the elimination of poverty.  We are economically strategic — planning to modernize our economy and create new jobs with improved rail, energy efficiency, and renewables. We are globally connected, seeking diplomacy over weapons, rejecting the F35 bombers, supporting robust Arctic sovereignty.  And we are committed to survival on our fragile blue green planet — acting now on the climate crisis. (see greenparty.ca for details).

Voting Green sends a clear message.  It sends a message of hope.  It sends a message that demands something better. It’s time.  Vote Green.