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Crossword Puzzle

Sixty-Five and Not Retiring — Get to know Elizabeth May

Sixty-five & Not Retiring

Elizabeth recently turned 65 and we are celebrating the fact that she is not retiring!

Even though Elizabeth admits that her work is her life we thought you might enjoy getting to know her a little better, so we have created a crossword puzzle based on this theme of 65.

You can download a copy of the blank puzzle—in case you didn’t see it in the Saanich News on Friday, September 20. The complete list of clues, a word bank (if you need a bit of help) and the solution are found below—click the green tabs. Have fun!

Download the Puzzle

In case you missed the newspaper

You can download a fresh copy of the crossword puzzle originally published in the Saanich News, Friday, September 20th, 2019

Clues Down
Clues Across
Word Bank (hints)
Solutions (spoiler alert)

Crossword Puzzle Clues — Down

(Click the next green tab for ‘across’ clues)

1.    Social and environmental _______ are core values of the Green Party.

4.    Something Elizabeth seems never to run out of.

6.    In 1980, Elizabeth and others launched “the _______ Party”.

7.    Author who had a great impact on Elizabeth May as a teenager.

8.    The May’s family business in Cape Breton was called the _______ _______. (2 Words)

9.    From the bottom up.

10.    Canada’s type of parliamentary democracy.

12.    Quote by Gaylord Nelson: “the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the _______.”

13.    She was the executive director of this environmental group. (2 Words)

16.    Elizabeth May was born in _______.

17.    Elizabeth’s mother was an _______- _______ activist.

18.    “I _______, therefore I am,“ said Elizabeth May in 2014.

20.    Day on which Elizabeth and John were married. (2 Words)

22.    A person whose ideas are out of date (Merriam Webster dictionary.)

27.    Country whose delegation Elizabeth had to join in order to participate in COP19.

28.    Extraction method that contaminates water, and is a major source of Greenhouse gasses.

29.    One of Elizabeth’s favourite quotes, by David Orr: “_______ is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.”

30.    What is Elizabeth’s brother’s name?

31.    The sea that surrounds Saanich – Gulf Islands.

36.    The process of translating an idea or invention into goods or services that create value.

37.    University at which Elizabeth earned her law degree.

39.    Everything that exists in a particular environment.

40.    “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in _______ there is beauty and there is strength.”  Maya Angelou

41.    One of Elizabeth May’s favourite beverages.

42.    Famous Canadian author and godfather of Elizabeth’s daughter.

43.    She is the Green Party of Canada’s _______ leader.

45.    Ecological _______ is a Green core value.

47.    Elizabeth is an _______ of the order of Canada.

49.    Green Party slogan: Not left. Not right. _______ together.

51.    Elizabeth’s middle name.

52.    The model of car Elizabeth drives.

54.    There is no _______ B.

55.    Elizabeth has _______ honorary degrees.

57.    A self-assembling entity that sequesters CO2.

(Click the next green tab for ‘across’ clues)

Crossword Puzzle Clues — Across


2.    The second Green Party MP elected to the House of Commons

3.    Elizabeth’s husband’s last name.

5.    Saanich – Gulf Islands is on the unceded territory of this nation.

11.    What breed is Xo, Elizabeth’s dog?

14.    Which national park was she involved in creating? (2 Words)

15.    Mission _______: the Green Party’s 20-point action plan on climate change.

16.    Electoral district in which Elizabeth May ran in 2008. (2 Words)

19.    The Green Party of Canada was founded at a conference held at _______ University in 1983.

21.    Where did Elizabeth and her family live when they first moved to Canada? (2 Words)

23.    Restored or replaced by nature.

24.    In 2010, Elizabeth was named “one of the world’s most influential women” by this magazine.

25.    The green economy creates _______ in large numbers.

26.    Concept relevant to the economy as well as the environment.

32.    _______ battles: Elizabeth May’s first book.

33.    At the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago, Elizabeth was _______.

34.    The gravest security threat the world has ever seen. (2 Words)

35.    She first became known in the media through her leadership against aerial _______ spraying.

38.    Young Swedish activist who initiated the school strikes for climate.

42.    In which government was Elizabeth a senior policy advisor on the environment?

44.    Another word for partnership or collaboration.

46.    Elizabeth’s occupation before she went to law school.

48.    Elizabeth’s daughter goes by this name.

50.    We commonly _______ a building to improve its energy efficiency.

53.    City where Elizabeth and John were married.

56.    The _______ across the country needs to be modernized to transport renewable energy.

58.    “Have _______, will travel,” said Elizabeth May in 1991.

59.    Resident or transient cetaceans.

60.    One of the fastest growing sources of new energy.

61.    Her mother’s motto: “You can get a lot done, when you don’t care who gets the _______.”

62.    Elizabeth May is the author of _______ books.

63.    Private member’s bill tabled by Elizabeth, established a federal framework on this disease.

Having trouble? The ‘wordbank’ below contains all the answers, all mixed up.


The Solution


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