Good Sunday Morning October 23

Good Sunday Morning!

As I work wearing several different hats – as an MP, as a climate activist and as a leadership candidate – life goes on.  Amidst much joy in my life through blessings of family and friends, I have been experiencing recent loss. Two dear friends, likely known to many of you, died this month.

On October 4th, we lost one of the kindest and most generous women ever. Dona MacKie was the loving and much-loved wife of Bob MacKie. Bob has served in many capacities in the GPC – as President, as British Columbia rep on Council, as dedicated volunteer in SGI and key to getting this newsletter sent out for years.  Keep Bob in your thoughts as he goes through the tough days of recent bereavement.

This last Wednesday another dear friend and stalwart Montreal Green volunteer died. Michel Sigouin passed from this life after a brief and aggressive cancer diagnosis. Michel was a mainstay of every strong federal Green campaign in Quebec. When any candidate needed help, Michel was there.  I spoke with him the day before his death.  He was so calm, so brave. And he had faith. His strongest wish was for us to keep fighting.  Sending much love to his wife and family and to all those who loved him. It is a long list.

Reflections on love and loss also touched my work in the House as we paid tribute to the late Bill Blaikie.  Bill was an MP for thirty years and then became part of the Manitoba NDP government.  Wednesday, I was honoured to be among the six parliamentary speakers. I first met Bill Blaikie in 1987. We shared many adventures over that long friendship. I loved him and will miss him.

To my surprise, CBC As it Happens ran a clip that night at the 34:40 mark:  https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-2-as-it-happens/clip/15943440-plea-de-coeur

This YouTube links to my whole speech (including our marching together, and getting tear-gassed together, at the Seattle WTO).   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyIG7GVRCXk

Greens were also active this week pressing for action on water – and climate – stressing the link between the two:

CPAC.ca | Headline Politics | Federal Greens on Water Crises in B.C., Climate Adaptation – October 20, 2022

Elizabeth May: Canada needs an independent Water Agency – YouTube

As well, Mike Morrice was recognized by the people who mean the most to him.  He has been waging a crusade to eliminate poverty among the disabled.  We have worked together, of course, but Mike was thanked as “family” by the champions in Disability without Poverty. C-22, the act to create the Disability Benefit, moved through second reading with unanimous support! We will keep working to strengthen it!

Yesterday, I had a grand time in Calgary with Jonathan Pedneault, local friends and supporters. We experienced our first snow on the ground!  Later today, Calgary podcaster, Chris Brown, will be hosting all leadership candidates (6:30 pm ET, 3:30 BC) You can watch here: https://youtu.be/c5VLJPpF_aU.

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Good Sunday Morning October 16

Good Sunday Morning!

I am not mentioning the leadership much this morning. Please join before Wednesday to vote! If you have joined the BC NDP (temporarily!), please vote in the Canadian Green leadership race. You can do both.

We are in mid-October with summer-like conditions continuing in British Columbia. We are at level 5 drought. Our normally rainy fall on the Island and the coast has been replaced with a long dry spell. Las Vegas has had more rain.

The drought conditions extend across the US with rivers running low. Just as BC salmon have too little water to swim upstream, so too has shipping slowed on the Mississippi.  This gets CBC’s attention. Without a trace of irony, CBC reports that Canadian oilsands dilbit is not getting a good price.  The perennial nonsense about how we would get a better price for oilsands dilbit if we could only get it to tidewater is repeated. Last week Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland made the absurd claim to defend completing TMX  – “to de-risk the pipeline” and “get our product to market.”  She was replying to Mike Morrice’s excellent question, citing the West Coast Environmental Law report by BC economist Robyn Allen that Canada is preparing to write off $17 billion in TMX debt. http://www.wcel.org/media-release/new-report-projects-federal-government-will-forgive-17-billion-trans-mountains-debt

CBC inaccurately reports “It’s generally seen to be of lower quality because of its high sulphur content…” Only partially true. It is of lower quality because it is mostly a solid, tarry bitumen, mixed with other petrochemical by-products (diluent) to make it flow in a pipeline.  At its destination, the diluent is removed, the bitumen is then upgraded to synthetic crude, and only then it can be refined.  Bitumen is, while expensive to produce, of inherently low value.  Now CBC reports it is getting even a lower price because several refineries are offline, and because Western Canada Select is mostly low value dilbit. (Western Canadian Select Explained | Oil Sands Magazine)

 CBC also notes another supply chain problem – low water levels. Ignoring  any mention of the climate changed-caused thousand year drought, CBC reports:

“…..barges on the Mississippi have been grounded in the past week … causing shipping delays and concerns that more could get stuck. One of the results…is that refineries that rely on the river to bring in crude and ship out product are temporarily losing their appetite for Canadian oil.”

CBC dolefully reports that demand for oil sands bitumen is waning. We have more than enough pipelines, but still, our bitumen is commending less than $60/barrel.  Oh! How we wring our hands at declining demand for some of the most carbon intensive oil on the planet.

Fortunately, CBC The Fifth Estate has done a great job exposing the climate fraud of the BC government, permitting logging for wood pellets.   https://tveveryday.com/the-fifth-estate-the-big-burn-october-6-2022-series-48-episode-2-on-cbc/

Canada’s mainstream media and most politicians are disconnected from the reality of climate chaos. Help Jonathan and me take the helm of the Green Party to effectively confront climate madness.    

In hope,


Good Sunday Morning October 6

Good Sunday Morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

For all the colonial background of this holiday, it is always good to count blessings. It is easy to feel resentful of those with more – more power, more money, more success- until you consider the several billion people less fortunate. I have always loved Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh:
“Do you really want to be happy? You can begin by being appreciative of who you are and what you’ve got.”

This Thanksgiving I have the joy of time with family. Deep gratitude. And I am grateful for the Green Party family. I am so grateful for the hard work Greens do for a better world. Thank you to members, supporters and amazing volunteers. Please remind everyone to join by October 19 to vote!

Go to our websites to sign up. Btw, leadership candidates are not given the emails of members. We won’t have your email unless you sign up! Go to elizabethmay.ca and jonathanpedneault.ca. More than ever, I see that Jonathan and my joint leadership is desperately needed.

Why we do this is obvious. Every single day brings more reports of climate casualties. While the East Coast still deals with Fiona and 30 million Pakistanis are flooded out of their homes, the BC drought is terrifying. People in my riding are extremely aware of the fire risk. It was the news from Bella Bella of dead salmon clogging the nearly dry riverbeds that brought me to tears.

This week I have been working hard in parliament on the climate crisis.  This is likely the toughest climate question ever: Elizabeth May: UN Sec. General says leaders are lying about climate. Does he mean Canada’s leaders? – YouTube

We cannot ignore other key issues. In this speech I lay out the threat to public health care and emphasize Green solutions to the housing crisis, highlighting Mike Morrice’s work: Elizabeth May: Bill C-31 does not address the cause of skyrocketing housing costs – YouTube

I had to delay a planned return to BC when the government scheduled the Canadian Environmental Protection Act updates in S-5 to Friday.  This bill is a priority, as is getting my own bill C-226 confronting environmental racism passed into law.  
Elizabeth May: A right to a healthy environment must be enforceable – YouTube
Elizabeth May: Will the government create an enforceable right to a healthy environment? – YouTube

If you are not subscribing to our Parliamentary Week in Review, please do. You can always catch up with Mike and my parliamentary work here: https://elizabethmaymp.ca/

To everyone living on the Saanich Peninsula, please come to a non-partisan Community Meeting, Thursday, October 13, 6:30-8 pm at Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre.   We will have meetings on the Gulf Islands and more locations on the peninsula, trying to move back to pre-COVID schedule.

For now, thanks for all your support. We do need donations for the leadership run. Please give if you can!

Love and Thanksgiving blessings,