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Sidney Office hours: Everyday: 10am – 5pm
9775 2nd Street, Sidney BC 778.351.3335

Elizabeth May’s Accomplishments

As MP for Saanich - Gulf Islands

Elizabeth May’s record over the past eight years sets a new high standard for what it looks like to work hard for one’s constituents.

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Principled Performance

Integrity and accountability on the job

Reporting to Constituents

Elizabeth reports to her constituents in Saanich – Gulf Islands, twice a year in every neighbourhood. She has held more than 80 public Town Halls with constituents since she was elected. At these events, she spends 25% of the time reporting on what happens in Ottawa, then spends the remaining 75% of the time answering our questions and listening to our concerns.

She also publishes a regular community ‘householder’ newsletters, distributed to all her constituents.  Every issue can also be found here on her MP website.


Respect & Decorum

She refuses to heckle, and avoids the shouting and childish behaviour in the House of Commons. When others heckle her, she calmly waits for order to be restored, before continuing to make her point.


Consideration & Kindness

Elizabeth treats her fellow MPs with respect and kindness, even when strongly disagreeing with their policy and style of doing business.


Fiscal Transparency

Elizabeth was the first MP to begin publishing the original records of all her expenses on her MP website. Now all MPs do this!


Commitment to the job

Elizabeth May has the best attendance record in the House of Commons of any party leader.

“This parliamentarian...I consider to be a giant... She is dedicated to her constituents. She practices, both here and in committee, the highest standard of practice that any parliamentarian could ask for."

Watch video of this moving speech >The late Liberal MP Arnold Chan, June 12, 2017

Elizabeth’s Accomplishments

Eight years as MP for Saanich - Gulf Islands

42nd Parliament (2015 – 2019)

  • Advocated for and helped secure $16 million of federal funding for an overpass at the Pat Bay Highway and Keating Cross Road, as well as $500,000 for the remediation of Reay Creek. Both funding commitments were made in August of 2019.  Elizabeth acted quickly, knowing that federal money would lapse once an election was called.

  • Wrote a letter of support for the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea’s request to the Town of Sidney for funding. This funding was approved in May 2019.

  • Organized and hosted the Wildfire and Preparedness Town Hall Meeting in August of 2018, working with MLA, Adam Olsen and the North Saanich Wildfire Prevention Committee. This was an opportunity for experts in the field to speak to the public about their experience with fire safety and to discuss best practices. 

  • Assisted in obtaining $10 million for the Island Corridor Railway from Via Rail to improve the island railbed. 
  • Convened a meeting between Canada Steamships and concerned local residents about the use of Plumper Sound as an anchorage for the movement of gypsum. The shipping industry met with local residents February 12, 2015 on Pender Island. There is now a consultative committee with local residents and the shipping industry is listening.

  • Successfully lobbied for major grants for the Panorama Recreation Centre and the expansion of the Jubilee Park playground in North Saanich.

  • Represented the concerns of constituents by becoming an intervenor in the NEB Kinder Morgan Pipeline process. In 2018, Elizabeth was pushed outside her comfort zone and arrested while protesting the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Elizabeth’s primary accomplishment on this file has been correcting misinformation about the pipeline project to the general public

  • Advocated on behalf of residents on the Southern Gulf Islands who express concern with freighters anchoring in the Salish Sea disturbing the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales and the human residents of the Gulf Islands. Elizabeth has participated in several meetings with various Ministries, has written numerous letters, and continues to be vocal about having this issue addressed.

  • Seconded a motion put forward by a Liberal MP in October 2016, calling for the government to take meaningful steps to address the issue of abandoned and derelict vessels, as many of her constituents have expressed concerns regarding this issue.

  • In response to a tragic story of Lindsay, a 14 year old girl who went missing, Elizabeth advocated for the creation of Lindsay’s Law — a national DNA data bank including data from missing persons across the country. The law was passed in 2014, and was operational by 2018.

  • Responded to an email from a Sidney accountant about an error made by Canada Revenue Agency in 2015 concerning the deadline for filing income tax. She alerted the Minister of Revenue. Within 2 days, the tax deadline was extended for all Canadians.

  • Between 2015 and 2019, there have been just under 3000 files attended to through Elizabeth’s constituency office, with the majority being immigration related issues.

  • Explained in Parliament that voting for Bill C-91 (an Act respecting Indigenous languages) was a collective moral responsibility to walk together on a path to truth, justice, love and reconciliation — a pledge and a promise to do more.

  • Travelled nationwide in a Community Matters Tour to meet with Canadians, hear their concerns, and represent our communities on the national stage.
  • Seconded a motion about abandoned, derelict and wrecked vessels, calling for more education, owner responsibility for clean-up, and government help to remove vessels from Canadian waters.

41st Parliament (2011 – 2015)

  • Drew our attention to the dangers in Bill C-51, the Harper administration’s so-called public security law — again, the first to point this out. 

  • Strengthened Canadian environmental legislation by successfully amending Bill C-46, the Pipeline Safety Act, requiring government to go after polluters for costs of an accident. 

  • Notified Canadians of the risks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in October, 2015.
  • Awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from the Atlantic School of Theology.
  • Convinced Canada Steamships to meet with concerned local residents about the use of Plumper Sound as an anchorage for the movement of gypsum. The shipping industry met with local residents on Pender Island because of her advocacy.
  • Succeeded with her private member’s bill for a Federal Lyme Disease Framework, which passed unanimously in the House and Senate.
  • Obtained over 9 million dollars for the University of Victoria’s “Smart Oceans BC” to support underwater observatories and monitoring of seismic activity along the coast.
  • Initiated a housing round table which led to the Saanich Peninsula Partnership working to bring affordable housing to the region.
  • Convinced the Finance Minister to reverse the decision to stop advertising for tourism in the US market. Funding was restored in the 2015 budget.
  • Alerted Canadians to the dangers of the Canada-China Foreign Investor Protection Agreement — the first parliamentarian to caution us.
  • Won Maclean’s “Hardest Working Parliamentarian” (voted by fellow MPs).
  • Honoured as “Best Constituency MP” in the Hill Times 21st Annual Politically Savvy Survey.
  • Honoured by Maclean magazine’s as “Parliamentarian of the Year” (voted by fellow MPs).
  • Became the only MP in the 41st parliament to prevent the closing of a science centre in their riding — convincing the Harper administration to reverse its decision to close the Centre for Plant Health, later bringing tens of millions of dollars of federal investment into Saanich/Gulf Islands.
  • Stayed in her seat for 24 hours straight, defending more than 400 constructive amendments she proposed to the first Omnibus Budget Bill C-38 (which was then known as the “Environmental Devastation Act”).
  • Won the vote to become the first Green Party MP elected in Canadian history.
  • Was the only MP in parliament to vote against military action in Libyayou can watch her speech here.
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