Weathers the storms, listens to its members, fights the good fight and wins Canadians’ hearts and minds.

Jonathan Pedneault & Elizabeth May
For Green Co-Leaders

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About our


We know one another’s strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to a clear, transparent and accountable delineation of responsibilities between us, creating a convivial, inspiring arrangement building on what other Green Parties throughout the world have successfully achieved.

By sharing the workload, with Elizabeth focusing on Parliamentary work and Jonathan on the party’s internal regeneration until the next election, we offer a value proposition to deliver public mobilization to achieve urgent climate action while successfully meeting financial challenges through unprecedented levels of fundraising and membership growth.

Working side by side with members and a strong team across the country, we believe this synergy can bring the Green Party of Canada to a position where it can best serve our democracy, our country and the planet.

Mend divisions

To rebuild Canadians’ trust in the Green Party and reclaim our position as the most credible alternative to traditional parties, the divisions of years past must end.

Voters are disillusioned by failed promises and are no longer attached to what they thought of as their traditional political “homes.” It is up to us to offer an inspiring, meaningful and welcoming new home. To do so, the party needs to re-align and re-structure to claim the space that awaits it.

To do so, all key components of the party – Council, Shadow Cabinet, Caucus, Leaders’ office, staff and Fund – must commit to being of service to members, Canadians and our common goal.

We are asking the membership for a clear mandate to mend the divisions within the party and work out solutions that benefit all.

With a strong & humble team

As a journalist and human rights investigator who reported from the front lines of conflict and climate change, Jonathan has documented first hand and reported on the type of troubled future this planet and this country may face. He roots for a Canada where all Canadians have the resources to achieve a more sustainable life and ensure the country is prepared to face the coming storms and lives up to its moral responsibilities.

A feminist trailblazer and a loving grandmother, Elizabeth wants a safer world for her children and grandchildren. She knows this requires urgent transformation of our society. Having led the Green Party of Canada through major breakthroughs, she is keen to share her experience with Jonathan to jointly rebuild the party and bring it to the next step.

We believe humility should be at the heart of politics. And at the heart of human interactions. We all have much to learn from one another, and from nature. Healthy leadership, whether political or otherwise, cannot exist without it.

By choosing co-leadership, we’re not only recognizing our own individual limitations in the face of gigantic challenges, but that we are stronger for acknowledging them and teaming up with a complementary partner.

To ensure the following:

  • Two inspiring leaders, fluent in both official languages, who are ready to hit the ground running;
  • The inclusion of all leadership candidates in a strengthened, representative and empowered shadow cabinet that is equipped to participate and engage in debates at the national and local level to present Green policies in as many fora as possible;
  • A lower cost to the party with Elizabeth working as volunteer leader, as she did from 2011-2019, and Jonathan willing to lead by example in tight economic times and reduce the leader’s salary to $90,000;
  • Immediate, active and hands-on fundraising efforts by both co-leaders to replenish the party’s coffers, ensure key positions within the party are funded and prepare for the next election;
  • A series of in-person seminars for GPC Federal Council, Young Greens, the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Circle, the Women’s Caucus, EDA leadership across Canada, staff and Fund to mend divisions and ensure all key components of the party work well together and are committed to assisting the co-leaders and candidates in winning seats and increasing the party’s ability to enact change;
  • A commitment to working with and empowering EDAs to ensure candidates are nominated as early as possible, have ways to input into the national campaign planning and are supported by the central party during the election;
  • Ensure that Mike and Elizabeth are re-elected, bring Paul back as the Nanaimo-Ladysmith MP and elect at least an additional 10 Green MPs throughout the country, including Jonathan in Québec;
  • A strengthened Parliamentary presence that will allow the GPC to expand the Green caucus and increase pressure on the NDP-supported Liberal government on climate, inflation, health, housing, reconciliation and emergency preparedness.