Elizabeth endorsed by GreenPAC

Proud to share that Elizabeth has been endorsed by GreenPAC!

Fellow Greens endorsed also include Mike Morrice for Kitchener Centre, Anna Keenan for Malpeque and Phil De Luna.

GreenPAC shared the below statement alongside this endorsement:

“Elizabeth May (GPC, Saanich-Gulf Islands) has been environmentally active since 1970. She has been involved in numerous campaigns centered around prominent environmental concerns of the past and present. Her role as Senior Policy Advisor to the federal Minister of the Environment from 1986-1988 further demonstrates her experience in an array of environmental issues. She was an early identifier of environmental racism as an issue, including during her time as Executive Director of the Sierra Club from 1989-2006. Having been an MP since 2011, she has been consistent and effective in pursuing environmental goals in Parliament. She developed the All-Party ClimateCaucus, which crosses party lines to increase understanding of the climate crisis on all sides of the house. She led an effective opposition to the Harper government, garnering support from other parties for her 400+ amendments to the C-38 omnibus budget bill and defense of key environmental legislation. She serves as co-convener of Global Greens Parliamentarians, continuing to champion addressment of environmental concerns at the national level not only within Canada but worldwide.”