Elizabeth & Jonathan

A Team to Weather the Storms

Like many Green Parties around the world, we believe the Green Party of Canada should move to the model of co-leadership.

By voting for Jonathan, you’re ensuring Elizabeth becomes deputy and then co-leader.

What we offer

  • A Member of Parliament.
  • The lowest cost to the party.
  • A strong fundraising track record.
  • Nationwide name recognition and 50+ years of joint media experience.
  • Readiness to face the hard work of rebuilding the Green Party of Canada as we move to our 40th anniversary in 2023.
  • Effective diversity of experience, age and identity.
  • A strong commitment to seeing all leadership candidates join Mike and Elizabeth in Parliament.

With Elizabeth’s experience leading the party through four elections and growing the party’s influence in the House of Commons, including through difficult times, and Jonathan’s energy, listening and conflict resolution skills, we are ready and equipped to get to work as a team from Day One to meet the key challenges facing the party.

Elizabeth has a proven track record as one of Canada’s hardest-working, most effective and ethical Members of Parliament.